maths genie home support assessments

Interactive assessments to complement the Maths Genie homeschool program. Tier A roughly accords with grades 1-2. Tier B with grades 3-5 and Tier C is 6-9
Week Stream A Stream B Stream C
Week 1 Topics: Powers and Roots
Factors, Multiples and Primes
Place Value

Assessment: Week 1 A
Topics: Prime Factors

Assessment: Week 1 B
Topics: Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions
Fractional Indices
The Product Rule for Counting

Assessment: Week 1 C
Week 2 Topics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Assessment: Week 2 A
Topics: Standard Form
Compound Interest
Percentage Change
Reverse Percentages

Assessment: Week 2 B
Topics: Surds
Expanding Triple Brackets

Assessment: Week 2 C
Week 3 Topics: Time
Negative Numbers

Assessment: Week 3 A
Topics: Inequalities
Forming and Solving Equations
Changing the Subject of a Formula

Assessment: Week 3 B
Topics: The Sine Rule
The Cosine Rule
Finding the Area of any Triangle

Assessment: Week 3 C
Week 4 Topics: Coordinates
Simplifying Algebra
Solving 1 Step Equations

Assessment: Week 4 A
Topics: Expanding Brackets
Expanding Double Brackets

Assessment: Week 4 B
Topics: Repeated Percentage Change
Similar Shapes Area and Volume

Assessment: Week 4 C
Week 5 Topics: Calculation Problems
Use of a Calculator
Systematic Listing

Assessment: Week 5 A
Topics: Factorising Quadratics
Solving Quadratics
Quadratic Graphs
Other Graphs

Assessment: Week 5 B
Topics: The Equation of a Line
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Inequalities on Graphs

Assessment: Week 5 C
Week 6 Topics: Writing and Simplifying Fractions
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Fractions of an Amount

Assessment: Week 6 A
Topics: Volume of a Prism
Surface Area
Spheres and Cones

Assessment: Week 6 B
Topics: Functions
Inverse Functions
Composite Functions

Assessment: Week 6 C
Week 7 Topics: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Percentages of Amounts

Assessment: Week 7 A
Topics: Pythagoras
Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)

Assessment: Week 7 B
Topics: Direct and Inverse Proportion
Rearranging Harder Formula
The Quadratic Formula
Factorising Harder Quadratics

Assessment: Week 7 C
Week 8 Topics: Angles
Area and Perimeter
Area of Compound Shapes

Assessment: Week 8 A
Topics: Angles
Angles in Parallel Lines
Angles in Polygons

Assessment: Week 8 B
Topics: Completing the Square
Quadratic Inequalities
Quadratic Sequences
Quadratic Simultaneous Equations

Assessment: Week 8 C
Week 9 Topics: Rounding
Error Intervals
Exchange Rates

Assessment: Week 9 A
Topics: Speed and Density
Averages from Frequency Tables
Scatter Graphs
Plans and Elevations

Assessment: Week 9 B
Topics: Algebraic Fractions
Harder Graphs

Assessment: Week 9 C
Week 10 Topics: Solving Equations
Drawing Graphs
Conversions and Units

Assessment: Week 10 A
Topics: Simultaneous Equations
Equation of a Line

Assessment: Week 10 B
Topics: Cumulative Frequency
Box Plots
Circle Theorems

Assessment: Week 10 C
Week 11 Topics: Writing and Simplifying Ratio
Sharing Ratio
Scale Drawing

Assessment: Week 11 A
Topics: Sectors and Arc Lengths

Assessment: Week 11 B
Topics: Velocity Time Graphs
Congruent Triangles
3D Pythagoras
Transforming Graphs

Assessment: Week 11 C
Week 12 Topics: Circles

Assessment: Week 12 A
Topics: Loci
Ratio Problems
Similar Shapes

Assessment: Week 12 B
Topics: Vectors
Conditional Probability
Probability Equation Problems

Assessment: Week 12 C
Week 13 Transformations
Assessment: Week 13 A<
Probability and Relative Frequency
Frequency Trees
Probability Trees
Venn Diagrams
Assessment: Week 13 B<
The Equation of a Circle
The Equation of a Tangent
Proof of Circle Theorems
Assessment: Week 13 C<